About the project “365 days in a city.”

A conceptual photojournalistic project about everyday life in the richest city in the richest country in the world. (According to the UN) Wealth in Norway is not always noticeable, as most Norwegians don’t like to flash their economical status. Norway’s high standard of living is also based more on its well developed social system than individual wealth. My aim was to capture life in the city as varied as I could without arranging anything. I never used flash, or arranged artificial lighting as I wanted to be as honest to my subjects as possible. Almost every image was carefully planned. This project differs from most other photo books as I was limited to choosing one photograph a day. I could not arrange them in themes and had to place them in the order they were taken. I also had to use several photographic genres to capture life and death and everything in between. Earlier, when working with personal projects, I have had a feeling of complete freedom. The moment I started this project I was bound by the guidelines I had set, and the only option was abandoning the project alltogether. The pressure I felt during the whole project was greater then I had imagined. I knew I could become sick, and I had to make sure that there was no card or computer error every day. I was constantly asking myself if the images I took were good enough for a photo book. There was rarely any satisfaction in a good picture as I immediately started to think of the next day. If tomorrow failed it wouldn’t matter if today was great. Every image was as important as the other, good or bad. The deeper I got into the project, the tougher the thought of failure became. Not only for my own sake, but also for all the people I had photographed or those that had helped me enthusiastically behind the scenes.
Wars, famine, natural disasters are well covered within todays photojournalism. I think it’s also important to document every day life in a peaceful place which in the world today can be considered the abnormal. This project is completed without any external funding of any kind.

Alf Ove Hansen has been working as a photojournalist for the ScanpixNTB photo agency and the major national newspapers in Norway since 1992.


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Living In Norway? «365 days in a city» in sale from following places In Stavanger:

Tourist Information at Domkirkeplassen - next to the Cathedral.

Stavanger Art Museum, Mosvatnet

The giftshop at Stavanger consert hall

Norli Nygata 4-6 

Mostun, Mosvatnet

Bøker og Børst Pub & Cafe, Øvre Holmegate - the color street

Some selected pages from the book.